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CS-11577 - Antique Frozen Charlotte Doll
Price: $295.00
12-1/2" tall Antique Frozen Charlotte or Bathing Doll Germany circa 1910
these dolls have no moving parts
made of china with pink lustre head
this doll has no ID but several doll factories produced these
from the 1860 up to the 1930's: Conte & Bohme,
Simon Halbig, and Kling
also known as a Bathing doll because children played
with them in their tin tubs (balanced to float)
the name Frozen Charlotte came from an old ballad about a girl who wanted to show off her new dress and didn't wear a coat to the ball
resulting in arriving frozen
these dolls also float
the doll shown is the one you will get. It is circa 1900
not a clock obviously!

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This doll is in good condition no cracks or dings
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