Merritt's Clock Shop

The beginning...
Merritt's Clock Shop was the first facet of Robert and Mary Merritt's enterprise to evolve into a separate entity. At first, as shipments arrived from Europe and as local purchases accumulated, clock inventory was randomly arranged in buildings.

During these early years at Merritt's, it was not unusual to find English and Scottish grandfather clocks stacked like cord wood in the parking lot as they waited space in one of the sales buildings or warehouses. Wall clocks were hung from the rafters and shelf clocks found temporary homes atop chests-of-drawers and drop-leaf tables. As the variety and concentration of clocks increased,the inventory was eventually drawn together into a more concentrated area and appeared as the earliest vestiges of what is now the Clock Shop.

The first inventory that comprised this clock shop was housed in a small section of the building that was built in 1955. As time moved on, an increasing variety of American and European clocks was offered. Inventory was expanded to include a greater selection of clocks from all of the major American clock manufacturers like Seth Thomas, E. Ingraham, Sessions, New Haven, Gilbert,and Waterbury. Merritt's began to import shipments of German and Vienna Regulators directly from European. Soon these clocks arrived on an almost daily basis,and our selection of spring driven and one/two/three-weight regulators had no competition anywhere in North America. An article in Ladies Home Journal on antiquing chronicled the experience of visiting Merritt's during this formative time, drawing customers and many curious tourists to 1860 Weavertown Road.

From Alarm to Zaandams...
By 1967, clocks were consolidated solely in the majority of the building out of the necessity to create order within the now formidable clock inventory. This consolidation was important as it was an opportune time to effectively establish a true clock shop under one roof.

During this period of time the Clock Shops nature also changed: it grew from a simple, but quality assortment of diverse clocks to a dealers and collector's mecca. An inventory of rarer clocks was added to meet the needs of advanced collectors. Elaborate calendar clocks, American grandfather clocks, statue clocks, Pillar and Scroll models, fine banjos and other rarities joined the shelves of mantel clocks and walls of regulators on display. The clock shop of this era became a hub where clock enthusiasts could find any number of good and better clocks to enhance or enlarge their collections. For over 40 years the clock shop maintained this location as an integral link in the business of buying and selling quality clocks to an ever expanding clientele.

2008 marks the year that the old Clock Shop outgrew its home and moved to its current location in the former (and much larger) antique furniture sales building. Merritt's still offers a vast selection of wall, shelf and grandfather clocks, music boxes and pocket watches. Better lighting, twice as much floor and wall space and the addition of display cabinets proved to be positive improvements. The additional space has allowed us to expand our selection of collectible clocks to an even greater degree than in the past. Merritt's clock shop also offers a large selection of parts clocks. These are clocks that are probably beyond restoration, but contain a wealth of movements, case parts and other components that are invaluable for repair and restoration purposes.

The clock inventory turns over rapidly, so the best way to see what we have to offer is to make a personal visit. Why not plan a visit our clock shop here at 1860 Weavertown Road, Douglassville, PA 19518?

Unable to visit personally?....
For those of you who can't visit our clock shop here in eastern Pennsylvania,we strive to bring many of the available clocks into your home.

Our monthly sales flyers now routinely offer fifty or more antique clock each month to our valued customers around the world. When preparing the flyers, we try to provide a diverse selection of interesting clocks with a fairly wide range of prices. If you aren't an active customer yet, the flyers are also uploaded to the Monthly Flyer section of this web site and you can downloaded copies in .pdf form from the web site.

Exploring the future now...
With the advent of the computer and internet sales, Merritt's has worked to use the world wide web as an extended sales platform. During this effort, Merritt's has repeatedly proven its self to be a reliable and trustworthy source of clocks for collectors across the United States and around the globe. With the establishment of our far reaching web site,, the existing on-line clock shop was born.

The on-line clock shop includes an array of antique clocks and watches arranged in 24 categories to simplify your search for specific clocks. Each clock entry includes a photograph and we are continually working to include detailed descriptions of each clocks most important attributes.

Once you identify a clock that interests you, it can be ordered directly through the web site. If you require additional information before ordering, please feel free to call our shop during regular business hours:
Monday thru Friday: 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Eastern time
Saturday: 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.
Closed Sunday and major holidays Phone: 610.689.9541 Ext. 262

Merritt's clock shop staff takes pride in its ability to accurately describe even the most complex clocks with accuracy and truthfulness. Our customers have found that they can purchase with confidence knowing that what the staff sees both positively and negatively about the clock will be thoroughly related with honesty. Additionally, our experienced packing department has the ability to securely speed your purchase off to you promptly. Merritts takes sincere pride in supplying people with clocks that they will please them or exceed their expectations when they receive their purchase. If you want to stay on top of antique clocks as they arrive, its best to routine scan the web listings for the new listings and act without delay.

You can also sign up to received periodic updates of new arrivals using the Mailing List tab on the top of our home page. Merritt's publishes antique clock New Arrival lists whenever new inventory is added to our shelves and walls. As stated above, these are periodic updates: we don't bombard your mail box on a daily basis.

When you consider the level of service Merritt's has provided over several decades, it is easy to understand why Merritt's Clock Shop is so well known and is confidently used by clock collectors and other professionals throughout the country. By browsing you will see some of the extent of Merritt's Clock Shop. Of course, the best way to experience, touch, and truly appreciate the array of clocks is to visit us. Our Clock Shop stock changes frequently, as our specialists purchase clocks and upgrade our selection and as people, like you, purchase clocks for their homes. We hope to serve you soon . . . and often!