P1299 - Time Trax Model 185


Time Trax Model 185

* Measures the rate of mechanical clocks by sensing the escapement action and the mechanical sounds that accompany each tick
* Works on a broad range of clocks, from fast train carriage clocks to tall case clocks
* Vibrations are read in beats per hour
* Incorporates two timing modes: direct train measurement and balance mode
* Double rate update readout - gives stable, accurate readings in half the time
* Adjustable mesurement cycle from 2 to 130 beats for exact escape wheel matchup
* The standard, high quality built-in beat amplifier allows you to hear problems loudly and clearly
* Small, lightweight and durable
* Sensitive quartz crystal timebase
* Flashing LED with each tick
* Requires four (4) AA batteries
* 2-year "No-Hassle" warranty
* Includes Model 20 clip-on sensor with an extra long cable, train data book, and comprehensive user's guide