P1818 - Microset 3 Timer


Microset 3 Timer

* Works with all of the features of our Microset 2 timer (Item #P-1666) PLUS:
* Displays the accumulated overrall rate of any clock or watch, becoming more accurate the longer it runs
* Adds the ability to display clock and watch rates as seconds of error per day; not limited to a predefined set of train times. It can be configured for any watch or clock you are working on
* Will display the amount you must move the bob to make the clock run on time in ten-thousandths of an inch or fractions of a centimeter
* Accutron mode: to rate tuning fork watches (requires an optional sensor available through Merritt's by special order)
* Rate Finder option to "count the train" of a running clock
* Includes built-in beat amplifier