P1943 - Optivisor Professional Series


Optivisor Professional Series

A top- of-the line magnification system packaged in an impact resistant, waterproof storage box. This is all you could ever hope for in a magnifier set!

The professional set includes:
* OptiVISOR Magnifier Headband
* OptiLOUPE attachment lens: adds 2-1/2X magnification for close inspection/ work
* Set of 6 OptiVISOR Glass Prismatic Lens Plates:
1-1/2X at 20" focal length
1-3/4X at 14" focal length
2X 10" focal length
2-1/2X at 8" focal length
2-3/4X at 6" focal length
3-1/2X at 4" focal length
* Xenon laser VisorLIGHT LT-6: Attached to the OptiVISOR headband, this lamp module delivers 6000 candlepower of consistent, focused light
* All securely packages in a custom-tailored, lockable storage box