P2014A - "Set-Forget" Qtz Mvt 11/16"

1-2$13.00 each

3-11$12.50 each

12-999$12.00 each


"Set-Forget" Qtz Mvt 11/16"

* A unique movement that automatically adjusts your time backward or forward when Daylight Savings time occurs!
* The internal microchip "calendar" is programmed with the date until the year 2030! No radio signal required
* Incorporates a three-way mode switch: OFF for areas where daylight savings time (DST) is not observed, NEW for the new DST format adopted in march 2007 where DST is extended by approximately one month, OLD for the old, conventional DST dates in case the government chooses to not extend the new format
* Measures 2-7/32" high x 2-7/32" wide x 5/8" deep
* 5/16" shaft diameter
* Quartz with a 11/16" handshaft for dials up to 3/16" thick
* Requires one "AA" battery