Trade Resources & Educational Links

The sites mentioned below are all valuable resources for anyone interested in expanding their education in the repair or study of timepieces.  We highly recommend that you take the time to research these sights if you have an interest in repairing, collecting or studying clocks and/or watches.

National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors (NAWCC)
Founded in 1943 in Columbia, Pennsylvania, the NAWCC is a non-profit educational and scientific corporation serving over 35,000 members worldwide in the field of horology.  The NAWCC's resources include a comprehensive library with video tapes and books for rent, bi-monthly news letters (The Mart and The Bulletin), local and regional chapter meetings, seminars and training courses, The NAWCC School of Horology and a must-see museum showcasing over 8,000 items.

American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWI)
AWI is a non-profit trade association dedicated to the advancement of horology with members from around the world. The Institute provides extensive educational and technical services to its members as well as a monthly news publication (the Horological Times), a lending library with tapes and books, public relations materials to assist you in advertising your business and much more.

Clockmakers Newsletter by Steven Conover
Clockmakers Newsletter is an eight-page, clocks-only newsletter prepared for professional and amateur clockmakers with the emphasis on practical repairs rather than on theory. Articles, Q & A, and repair tips plus subscribers can place free classified ads.  Mr. Conover is a well recognized authority in the horology trade and has published several books on the field.